Who Is Your Spiritual Authority?

Who decides what you believe?

Going through life we learn from parents, teachers, lecturers, educators, coaches, trainers, workshop leaders, religious leaders, partners, and children. Spiritual seekers often learn from gurus. But who is your spiritual authority? Who tells you what’s right and what’s wrong? What to believe and from whom? When to apply what you […] Read more »

5 Tips of Christmas – How To Survive The Celebrations

red and silver christmas balls on twin in the snow

The fact that Christmas originally really had nothing to do with family, love and being together in harmony might shock you. In fact, I was quite surprised to read that it apparently originated in what the Roman pagans first introduced as a weeklong period of lawlessness, the holiday of Saturnalia. […] Read more »

Self Knowledge – Differentiating Intuition From Conditioning

Part of anyone’s personal development will be getting to know yourself and learning to tap into your intuition. At the beginning of that endeavor this can be a not so easy challenge to sort out “what really is intuition and what is all the other ‘crap'”? Conditioning To shed a […] Read more »

Your Spiritual Journey

The Spiritual Journey (the path of self discovery, self knowledge and self improvement) is a marathon, not a sprint, and there will be big challenges on the journey. The challenges will not all be ones that we are capable of meeting on the first occasion. If we cannot rise to […] Read more »

Celebration “Puja” of the Heart ~ a Sacred Devotional Circle

Please join us for this FREE evening gathering that will offer an opportunity for the renewal of body, mind, and spirit. Come celebrate the Divine Presence that is in all of us in a gentle, interactive, fun and safe environment. … Throughout the evening’s sacred and playful interactions, you will […] Read more »

What If… today was your last day?

There has been a song on the radio recently called 'If today was your last day' sung by Nickelback which makes me really think: What if today was my last day? There have been a few deaths of people I knew, friends of people I know... and as sad as it might be it allows serves me as a reminder to live every moment fully. What would you do, if today was your last day? Read more »