An experience of a Business Owner with Counselling:

In several sessions I have experienced how broad Nathalie’s knowledge is. I like the professionality of her work. She is fully focused to give ‘all’ in a session. Her advice is easy to put into practice and helps to grow and to develop. Thank you so much and I look forward to the next session.

PS, Business Owner, Sydney

An experience of a Company Director with Phobias:

With two short “phobia cure” processes Nathalie was able to completely remove my life-long fears of heights and spiders. I have since been on a glass gondola which lead to an icy viewing platform overlooking an exhilarating panorama and have been able to watch, at close quarters, some amazing arachnids in action in their natural environment. Nathalie is blessed with some remarkable tools and a natural talent in using them to great effect.

CW, Company Director, Northern Beaches, Sydney

An experience of a Personal Trainer after ‘living in the now’ and awareness training:

Until I met you I was living in the future, not reflecting for a single minute. After a few sessions I managed to let go and surrender to the things that are meant to be. My self awareness and self confidence increased through the NLP practise, and it opened the door so I can reach my full potential. A perfect example was the last marathon I ran.

We visualized during sessions and on race day it all came together. I ran effortlessly and wandered in and out of the zone on demand and finished very strong without the normal fatigue. Thanks Nathalie.

BB, Personal Trainer, Northern Beaches, Sydney