An experience of a Financial Advisor:

Nathalie is a consumate professional, her skill and integrity are of the highest order. 
The personal and professional outcomes I have achieved since working with Nathalie have been outstanding. 
I have no hesitation in making a strong recommendation to engage Nathalie’s service if you have as a goal to maximise your personal and professional potential, in fact I have done so to friends and colleagues on a number of occasions.

Amanda Freeman, Kaizen Financial Services, Melbourne

An experience of a Practitioner and Teacher:

I asked Nathalie to help me overcome a fear of public speaking. This is what I wrote directly following our session: 

‘By the end of the session I feel completely confident with the idea of speaking in front of a large group of people. I have made friends with what’s naturally happening in the body, found strategies to help me find my power source and I’ve got a strong visual and sensory experience to draw from.’ 

A few months down the track I regularly engage in public speaking. I am able to stay fully in my heart when I do so, connect with my audience – and I even enjoy it ….I never thought I would hear myself say that!! 

I wholeheartedly recommend Nathalie’s services to anyone who is wanting to move forward in life.

Karen Lowe, Journey Practitioner and Art of Feminine Presence Teacher, Melbourne

An experience of a Managing Director in the Media Industry:

Nathalie is a special person who is able to assist when there seems no answer or hope. She has the unique ability to put life’s turns and twists into an amazing perspective and leave you feeling encouraged, optimistic and calm. All that she does is very practical and immediately effective. She has the ability to change people’s lives and particularly long term, destructive patterns in the most gentle way. Before I met Nathalie I was somewhat of a cynic about “counsellors” and business coaches but now I will be eternally grateful.

Sam Elam, Managing Director at Media/Executive Communications Specialist, Media Manoeuvres, Melbourne

An experience of a Cinematographer:

Nathalie is a totally professional, warm hearted and incredibly insightful practitioner. The work we did together made a massive difference to both my personal and professional life. I would recommend Nathalie highly to anyone considering Journey work &/or NLP as modalities to create profound everlasting positive change in their lives.

Mark Lapwood ACS – Cinematographer, Auckland