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img_9456a_sepia-smallI love to help people find their inspiration through my role as a Transformational Coach & Counsellor. I am so passionate about what I’m doing that sometimes it seems that it is not me who is doing the work. It’s not even ‘work’.

Having lived in 3 continents and among various cultures from Australians, to Chinese, Indians, Malays and many Expats, I feel like a resident of the world, which also allows a deeper understanding of the human psyche.

My passion is writing and re-thinking human behaving and emoting. I’m processing my own experiences using my blog and you can also read my daughter’s blog, where she writes letter to her identical twin sister, who left her body at a young age of 3 days.

I also write regular articles on topics like relationship, sexuality and intimacy, understanding the self, grief and loss, and social networking.

You can also at times find me on the playground running after my daughter or feeding the ducks on the Lake of Zurich, Switzerland, if she hasn’t managed to steal all of the dry bread.

I believe in being human. I have emotions, behaviours, challenges as well as excitements, joys and think long for appropriate words. And I make mistakes, even grammatical*. Just like any one.

All Love,
      ~ Nathalie ~ 

(*English is the 4th language I studied. Just saying.)

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