Couples Transformation Program

Our Relationship Matters

Our Relationship Matters

I specialise in ‘relationship related issues’ – so whether it is your intimate relationship or any other that is challenged, these issues can be resolved. These issues can be looked at both in individual and in couple’s sessions.

What does it mean?

The quality of our romantic relationships significantly predicts our happiness and health.
Do you want to:

  • stay  Blissfully married throughout your life?
  • continue enjoying to satisfyingly  relate to your Partner?
  • have  Meaningful Communication daily?
  • love  Heartfelt Sex and Intimacy with your mate?

It is time to get ready for the real relationship to take you on a journey.
It is time to turn your relationship around.
The time is NOW!

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The Couples Transformation Program comes as a 10-session program consisting of couple’s and individual sessions tailored to your needs and desired outcomes, agreed upon in our first session.

Couples Transformation includes

  • free Discovery session (30-60 min) to find out whether this is for you
  • 90 min sessions
  • Email preparation and guidance before the session
  • Action plan at the end of each session
  • Email support during the program

What is the idea?

The idea of the Couples Transformation Program is to work with a trained and objective third party who will listen to both partners as they express their thoughts and feelings and help them identify and clarify problem areas. This slows down the patterns of communication and highlights strategies of unhealthy interaction beahaviours.

What is the aim?

The overall aim is about helping both partners to become happier and more actualized human beings. Both partners will find out what they want out of a relationship.
The continuation or resolving of the relationship will be determined through that process.

Who is this for?

The Couples Transformation Program is for couples who are dedicated to work on their relationship, either to learn more about living in a mutually satisfying relationship, update their skills in communication and interaction or some want to find out whether a continuation of the relationship is sensible.

What will we do?

The Couples Transformation Program model will be losly following the model of joint and individual sessions, as shown in the example below:

•  First session: both partners (90 min)

We will start by assessing:

  • the problem areas and how both partners see them
  • the history of the relationship
  • the individual histories of the partners
  • the desired outcome and how both partner see them

•  Following sessions: each partner separately (~2-3 sessions – 90min)

  • working on elements that concern each partner individually
  • collecting unfulfilled strategies (attraction, love strategies)
  • cleaning up relationship criteria that no longer serve using Neuro Relationship patterns
  • cleaning up negative anchoring (anchoring)
  • communication strategies

•  Couple session: both partners (90 min)

  • understanding communication
  • exercises

•  Single sessions: each partner separately (~2-3 sessions – 90 min)

  • teaching the other persons strategies
  • anchoring positive states, teaching anchoring

•  Couple session: both partners (90 min)

  • re-evaluation of the progress
  • measuring progress towards desired outcome

Additional individual or couple’s sessions will be added depending on the progress.

 Yes, our Relationship matters!