Self Knowledge – Differentiating Intuition From Conditioning

Part of anyone’s personal development will be getting to know yourself and learning to tap into your intuition. At the beginning of that endeavor this can be a not so easy challenge to sort out “what really is intuition and what is all the other ‘crap'”? Conditioning To shed a […] Read more »

Your Spiritual Journey

The Spiritual Journey (the path of self discovery, self knowledge and self improvement) is a marathon, not a sprint, and there will be big challenges on the journey. The challenges will not all be ones that we are capable of meeting on the first occasion. If we cannot rise to […] Read more »

What WikiLeaks Is Teaching Us

What a great world we live in! We've got all these amazing opportunities, freedom of speech (in many places, it at least seems so), ability to study for everyone, including women etc. just to name a few. Social Media has taken over massive amount of social interactions, sharing of news and showcasing yourself to the world in ways it was never possible before. And yet, will all those great improvements, we have more people dealing with stress, addictions, depression or other mental illnesses. What happened? Read more »