Should I Tell Him?

Tell or don't tell?

Entering into a new relationship means starting at the beginning and sharing your story with each other. The older you get and the more experiences you have collected, the more potential for aspects of your past that seems unworthy of sharing. Maybe some of your experiences make you feel guilty, […] Read more »

Relationship Wisdom – Think Before You Speak

Girl holding a board with the word think on it

When you have been in relationship for a while, you might have noticed that the way you say things to your partner have changed from the beginning. What happened to the adoring conversations with this wonderful man who did everything for you? What about the sexy chats with the super […] Read more »

What WikiLeaks Is Teaching Us

What a great world we live in! We've got all these amazing opportunities, freedom of speech (in many places, it at least seems so), ability to study for everyone, including women etc. just to name a few. Social Media has taken over massive amount of social interactions, sharing of news and showcasing yourself to the world in ways it was never possible before. And yet, will all those great improvements, we have more people dealing with stress, addictions, depression or other mental illnesses. What happened? Read more »