Who Is Your Spiritual Authority?

Who decides what you believe?

Going through life we learn from parents, teachers, lecturers, educators, coaches, trainers, workshop leaders, religious leaders, partners, and children. Spiritual seekers often learn from gurus. But who is your spiritual authority? Who tells you what’s right and what’s wrong? What to believe and from whom? When to apply what you […] Read more »

Should I Tell Him?

Tell or don't tell?

Entering into a new relationship means starting at the beginning and sharing your story with each other. The older you get and the more experiences you have collected, the more potential for aspects of your past that seems unworthy of sharing. Maybe some of your experiences make you feel guilty, […] Read more »

What You Don’t Want In a Relationship

Sorry, I can't go for that!

This week I heard the song “I can’t go for that” by Rumer and Daryl Hall. It made me ponder the question of relationship boundaries. Have you thought about where your boundaries in relationship are lately? Ponder with me… The beginning We usually start out with a relationship being in […] Read more »

9 Steps On How To Get Things Done


Have you ever experienced that some of your tasks never seem to get done, even though they might be important and some even urgent? It is because they trigger some aversion, fear, worry, insecurity or boredom. Here is how you can get them done. 1. Make a list Put aside […] Read more »

The Secret Is In the Word – Choose Them Wisely


As adults, we create meaning by the words we put onto experiences. “This was the worst day of my life” or “at least you have other children” are just examples of what we either say to ourselves, to others, either out loud or in our thoughts. The more we think […] Read more »

What You Should Know About Being Judgmental


A good friend of mine recently posted an open letter to a community she’s part of, writing about judgment, which was expressed. This letter made me think about having a difference of opinion versus judgment and being judgmental. So what’s the difference? According to Wikipedia, an opinion is a judgment, […] Read more »

Why Taking Measures Against Phone and Email Overwhelm Is Vital

Paralysis by overwhelm

In today’s world there is more and more that leads to overwhelm: we are accessible 24/7 through our mobile phones and email. Not only that, we have come to treat most (or all) of our emails and phone calls as ‘must respond’ items.  Because we can access them on all […] Read more »

How To Save Time By Planning

inspirational quote saying same time plan ahead

One of the key habits that successful people have is planning.  It is often what unsuccessful people refuse to do. In specific they develop written plans, which has to do with working smart rather than working hard. Why plan? According to time management experts every hour spent developing a written […] Read more »