10 Things About Helping Children Through Grief


Children are affected by the loss of a loved one, just as we adults are. Depending on their age and maturity, they will have different needs and show various symptoms. Siblings might respond in a similar manner or some seemingly not as much. 1. Support according to age and maturity […] Read more »

10 Things About Relationship Changes With Grief

Relationship change, with or without loss

Grief and loss changes many things and the people directly involved. There is no doubt that it also changes the relationship dynamics between directly involved people, as well as the way friends and family interact with the bereaved and vice versa. 1. The world has changed The world of a […] Read more »

10 Things About the First Year of Grief

Nathalie Himmelrich Q5

The first year marks the first time you experience and do everything without the person you have lost. Traditionally, society believed that it gets easier after the first year. Some still believe this nowadays. The truth is that the challenging time post-loss is as individual as the bereaved themselves. Trust […] Read more »

10 Things About Anniversaries Post-Loss

inspirational quote saying you will never be forgotten

The journey with grief and healing after loss includes dealing with anniversaries. This might be your loved one’s birthday, death day or any other specific meaningful day in relation to them. In fact, any thing meaningful is a reminder and may trigger reactions and responses – this is very normal. […] Read more »

Grief Reflections Launch – Online Program

Grief Reflections - Discussion on Parental Bereavement

We welcome you to join us for our first ever Grief Reflections gathering on The Healing Conversations Youtube Channel. To get all the information about this interactive community project and how you can contribute to the conversation, please visit http://grievingparents.net/grief-reflections/ The event will be live on Friday, 11 July and every […] Read more »

Grief Reflections


The experience of grief is with no doubt one of the toughest life lessons you have to master. Having lost one of my twin daughters on her 3rd day, as well as my mother through suicide following her depression I speak from personal experience. Being able to accompany my daughter […] Read more »