9 Steps On How To Get Things Done


Have you ever experienced that some of your tasks never seem to get done, even though they might be important and some even urgent? It is because they trigger some aversion, fear, worry, insecurity or boredom. Here is how you can get them done. 1. Make a list Put aside […] Read more »

The Secret Is In the Word – Choose Them Wisely


As adults, we create meaning by the words we put onto experiences. “This was the worst day of my life” or “at least you have other children” are just examples of what we either say to ourselves, to others, either out loud or in our thoughts. The more we think […] Read more »

Drama Triangle And How To Avoid It

figure stretching arms out escaping chain with lock

  Getting hooked into a drama happens quickly, especially in close relationships. The following article will help you understand the different roles played and how to step out of the cycle altogether. What Drama? Stephen Karpman has first described the drama triangle in an article in 1968.  The model shows […] Read more »

6 Steps To Take When In Relationship Conflict – Relationship Wisdom

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Conflict in relationship is often the pivotal point that leads to unhappiness and dissatisfaction of the relationship. Let’s have a look at conflict from a different point of view to turn it into opportunity to grow and learn instead of an “I win – you loose” scenario. Relationship purpose The […] Read more »

How To Save Time By Planning

inspirational quote saying same time plan ahead

One of the key habits that successful people have is planning.  It is often what unsuccessful people refuse to do. In specific they develop written plans, which has to do with working smart rather than working hard. Why plan? According to time management experts every hour spent developing a written […] Read more »

13 Myths About Relationship Satisfaction

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1. Happy relationship = happy self It is the other way around: Your relationship life is a reflection of your personal emotional state. Your relationship won’t make you happy unless you are. 2. Next time it will be better If you carry the bricks from your past relationship you will […] Read more »

The Five Stages Of Learning


The following model is used to understand the stages we go through while learning. It is also known as the four stages of competence, or the “conscious competence” learning model. Depending on what source of information you are looking at, it can either be traced back to Abraham Maslow or […] Read more »

Relationship Wisdom – 15 Types Of Relationship: Which One Do You Have?

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There is often confusion about the kinds of relationship my clients are in, so let me define them here in this article. Any of these can also be stages you go through in your relationship life. Truly compatible: Depending on your definition of the ‘perfect relationship’ this is it. There […] Read more »

Meta Programs – All-Or-Nothing Thinking

Arrows saying everything and nothing pointing in opposite directions

Do you start sentences with “always” or “never” as the second word? That is what is called ‘all-or-nothing’ thinking or generalising. If you happen to think like that you are most likely rarely (or never?) happy with what you have achieved and are highly critical of yourself and others. Is […] Read more »