Are You A ‘Mismatcher’?

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  Knowing whether you are a matcher or a mismatcher or neither can make life much easier. These terms are used in Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) as a person’s ‘Meta-Program’ to describe a person’s habitual thinking patterns. Let’s find out more. What is a mismatcher? In conversations, for example, a […] Read more »

The Difference Between Counselling And Friendship

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‘Luckily I’ve got a friend that I can talk to, I don’t need Counselling!’ I have thought this myself at times and it might be true for certain situations. There are however clearly challenges where you cannot expect your friend to take the place of a therapist or you will […] Read more »

Relationship Wisdom – Being a Literal or Inferential Person

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Sometimes it is just that knowing something additional, even if it is a seemingly little thing, can alter a relationship pattern that makes a big difference. The following article will hopefully provide you with one of those meaningful pieces of wisdom in terms of how different people perceive the world. […] Read more »