The Difference Between Counselling And Friendship

Friends with coffee relaxing together sitting at a table

‘Luckily I’ve got a friend that I can talk to, I don’t need Counselling!’ I have thought this myself at times and it might be true for certain situations. There are however clearly challenges where you cannot expect your friend to take the place of a therapist or you will […] Read more »

Knowing When to Get Help

Can you help me?

As a counsellor, coach or other therapist we are not exempt from needing help. We all do face life issues that we cannot easily deal with ourselves and need an outside expert to support us. Even though we work in the field of supporting people it does not mean we can easily fix all our own problems. Read more »

The Difference Between Counselling and Coaching

Nowadays most people take the advantage of supporting themselves with the help of a counsellor, coach or therapist through the challenges life throws at them at some stage. For people new to the field of self-development the question 'What is the difference between a counsellor and coach?' comes up often. Lets find some distinctions that might be helpful to you. Read more »