Clearing Things

pink lily on green leave background

Today I stood in the garage with my Dad going through the remnants of my parents life. They have been married and together for 54 years from when they were 17 years old. My Dad tears up as he watches my Mum’s picture in what we call ‘Mum’s room’. In every little thing stored in their garage there is history, stories about all those moments they shared. Read more »

A Lonely Path To Walk

Precious time

Being with people who are grieving is not an easy place to be in. Many of us want to fix things and offer well-meant solutions, space-fillers or clichés. This cannot be resolved or fixed. The process of grief has no set timeline or deadline, it is always ever a starting […] Read more »

Sometimes I Break Down…


Sometimes I break down Out of the blue Like unexpected storm Which hits the land For no real apparent reason Grief kicks in And surprises me with its despair And I stand there helplessly As my skirt gets soaked by rain Vulnerability shows its face The layers of ‘I’m fine’ […] Read more »

Depression – Is My Child Depressed?

This might come as a surprise to some of you but children can experience depression as well as adolescents and adults. For some children it is not ‘just a phase they are going through’ and these parents need to know what to look for. Read more »