Nowadays with the technology available it is possible to have your counsellor & coach come to your home – via Video Call. There are multiple ways to do this but I found, for the time being, Skype and Face Time two very useful ways to do this.

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Skype has been around for some time and the teething problems hopefully have been solved. Skype offers the ability to talk face-to-face for free using video calls. All you need is a computer with camera, microphone and speakers – most computers come with these features. Then you have to download the skype program onto your computer and know the person’s Skype user name to connect with them.

You can use Skype on your computer, mobile or even on your TV. Read more here.

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In comparison to Skype, Face Time is a Mac only program or application. It offers video calling from your iPhone 4 or later, iPad 2 or later, new iPod touch and any other Mac computer. This allows you to make that call from anywhere where you have access to a wireless network.

Face Time uses mobile phone numbers or email addresses and it can, on the computer, access your address book.

Face Time from phone to phone works best if both parties are on a wireless and it’s free of charge! Read more here.


If any of the above technology does not work for you, we can easily do the session via the normal phone line. Feel free to choose the best option for you.

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So what are you waiting for?

If you’re wondering whether this is really working, here is a testimonial of a client who tried both face-to-face and video sessions:

Having had counselling with Nathalie now for nearly four years, the last 18 months we have used Skype rather than in her home. For me, Skype has actually unlocked more growth and openness in our sessions. I feel comfortable, safe and relaxed in my own home environment, which in my experience allows me to sink into how I’m feeling far more easily. There is also an intimacy that I can’t quite explain, when someone is watching and holding a space for you from a distance. It allows the room and freedom to really explore, knowing that you don’t have to ‘pull it all together’ before you leave. Julie

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