It Is the Relationship Journey That Counts

Today in a client’ session I heard myself say: A happy relationship with your partner might be your goal but it is not the purpose of (relationship) life. Let me explain. The journey that counts The famous quote “It’s not the destination but the journey that counts” leaves some questions […] Read more »

Back by Popular Demand Series: Love Language Part 2 – Quality Time


Within every language, there are many dialects. Here below you will find just a few but in the end you need to understand your spouse’s dialect. Togetherness: Spending time together with focused attention. What happens on an emotional level is what matters. It communicates that you care about each other, […] Read more »

Relationship Wisdom – Create A Relationship Vision

two hands reaching each other's fingers

Many couples head into a relationship with lots of enthusiasm. This is good, right? This is what makes most relationships so interesting and exciting at the beginning. There are a lot of assumptions created from the honeymoon period hormones, which are then turned into expectations for the remainder of the […] Read more »

Misunderstandings In Multicultural Or Multinational Relationships

multicultural - multinational

Being in a relationship where two people are from the same culture and country is already a challenge – imagine those couples that are from different cultures and countries! I am in one of those relationships. Multicultural relationships versus multinational relationships Multicultural relationships, as the name says, are when two […] Read more »

Relationship Wisdom – Skillfully Disagreeing With Your Partner

How well are you at disagreeing with your partner?

Let's face it: disagreements are a natural component of every relationship. If you are one of those people saying: 'I just don't want to argue' you have to get real. You can work on your style of how you handle disagreement or arguments but rarely (never) will you live in an intimate relationship without any of it. Read more »

Relationship Wisdom – Compatibility

Our Relationship Matters

How much should you and your partner have in common? How much are you trying to change your partner? How often do you say: Well, you cannot get everything from one partner? These statements and questions are frequent when I work with clients dealing with relationship challenges. Let's shed some light on compatibility. Read more »

Relationship Wisdom – What Stops You From Having Sex With Your Partner?


Reading the statistics about how often a couple has sex makes some wonder: 'What's wrong with me?' The fact is that these numbers are not necessarily representative of the whole population. Still, the question remains: What stops you from having sex with your partner? Read more »

Relationship Wisdom – More About Differences in Relationship

Challenges in relationships are perpetual in 69% of cases, according to relationship expert John Gottman. The reason being that we are built in different ways, beyond just about being male and female. The following article will show specific distinctions that might challenge you in your relationship. Think about each set of opposites as being located on a scale with one criteria on one end and the other on the other end of the spectrum. Read more »

Relationship Wisdom – 10 Tips On Becoming Master Of Relationships

The following article is a collection of observation that I've collected in my counseling practice working with clients. These findings are not based on scientific research but show practical experiences of relationships that worked better as an effect of one or multiple of these tips. Read more »