Relationship Wisdom – Create A Relationship Vision

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Many couples head into a relationship with lots of enthusiasm. This is good, right? This is what makes most relationships so interesting and exciting at the beginning. There are a lot of assumptions created from the honeymoon period hormones, which are then turned into expectations for the remainder of the […] Read more »

Relationship Wisdom – My Wife Does Not Want To Have Sex

Couple laying on the beach while kissing

Lack of sexual desire is a common relationship challenge that couples face. It does not always have to be the female partner who has the reduced sex drive. Couples facing this issue however do seldom have an erectile dysfunction. This article will look a bit deeper into these different issues. […] Read more »

Sacred Loving For Couples

The Sacred Loving Course grew out of our journey into sacred sexuality and the deepening of the relationship with ourselves and each other. It is based in ancient tantric practices that bring consciousness to our sexuality. . . and conscious sexuality offers us some of the most blissful experiences we are capable of feeling. . . an opportunity to let go of ourselves and merge with our beloved. Read more »

How Relationships Are Affected When Communication is Poor

Poor Communication? 'The quality of your communication is directly proportional to the quality of your relationship.' This sentence says it: when your communication is poor, so is your relationship. All of you who read this article will have experienced or are currently experiencing a relationship affected by poor communication. This article will look at how specifically it can affect the relationship. Read more »

After They Cheat – How a Relationship Can Survive an Affair

Affairs can be exciting adventures that can have detrimental effects on the primary relationship, as some readers might well know from previous experience. There is however hope for reconciliation, if both partners do their share of the healing and forgiving. Read more »