Drama Triangle And How To Avoid It

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  Getting hooked into a drama happens quickly, especially in close relationships. The following article will help you understand the different roles played and how to step out of the cycle altogether. What Drama? Stephen Karpman has first described the drama triangle in an article in 1968.  The model shows […] Read more »

6 Steps To Take When In Relationship Conflict – Relationship Wisdom

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Conflict in relationship is often the pivotal point that leads to unhappiness and dissatisfaction of the relationship. Let’s have a look at conflict from a different point of view to turn it into opportunity to grow and learn instead of an “I win – you loose” scenario. Relationship purpose The […] Read more »

Co-creators in our Life – Teachings of Abraham

Life never stops giving me those people who bug me and I guess I'm not the only one with that happening, am I? So what do we habitually do? We (our ego) usually goes about justifying and analyzing why we are 'right' and the other person is 'wrong' in an attempt to sooth the uncomfortable feeling this leaves. The feeling metaphorically is like the gap between what we see in those people that we disagree with, dislike or bug us and the nicer version we create in your mind, the way it should be, according to us. Read more »

Stages Of A Relationship

1. COURTSHIP ‘Falling in Love’, a very passionate, very romantic, idealised relationship. The challenge at this stage is for each person to allow themselves to become vulnerable, to take the risk that by opening themselves to the other person they may hurt. Usually the partners are blind to any problems […] Read more »