Introducing the Self – The Aware Ego

Each of us walks around with a bunch of different 'people' inside playing different roles at different times in our lives. These selves are the central building blocks of the psyche. Most of the time it is either the interaction or dynamic between these selves that creates stress and anxiety in our lives. In the following article I would like to introduce you to one of these selves, the Aware Ego. Read more »


Self-Appreciation is the foundation of a healthy self-image and goes hand in hand with self-esteem and self-confidence. It starts with accepting the self and the way in which it is showing up in this life. This might not happen over night but as a process of self-discovery. Developing self-appreciation will lead to a fuller, healthier and happier life. Read more »

Making a Real Difference – Live in Awareness

The “Making a Real Difference” project was originally inspired by a group of friends, who all recently had the pleasure of experiencing the deep sense of truth and beauty that the Journeywork (pioneered by Brandon Bays) offers. With the exception of Laurie Collins (The Journey Australasia) who spearheaded the project, […] Read more »