Meta Programs – Discounting and Counting

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Meta Programs are processes that operate at a metal level, which influence other lower mental levels (meta meaning ‘above’). They help you understand how you (and others) make sense of the world, and how you shape your values, beliefs and behaviors. The term meta programs comes from the world of […] Read more »

Understanding Self-Overwhelm Pattern

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Who does not feel overwhelmed at times? I certainly do, more often than I would like to. Today, I have achieved a higher level of insight on the recipe that leads to a number of my overwhelming moments, which I would like to share with you. Have a think about […] Read more »

Are You A ‘Mismatcher’?

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  Knowing whether you are a matcher or a mismatcher or neither can make life much easier. These terms are used in Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) as a person’s ‘Meta-Program’ to describe a person’s habitual thinking patterns. Let’s find out more. What is a mismatcher? In conversations, for example, a […] Read more »

Relationship Wisdom – Being a Literal or Inferential Person

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Sometimes it is just that knowing something additional, even if it is a seemingly little thing, can alter a relationship pattern that makes a big difference. The following article will hopefully provide you with one of those meaningful pieces of wisdom in terms of how different people perceive the world. […] Read more »