I Am An Author


There is always Hope – even when you cannot see it.

This is my coming out… as an AUTHOR 

As most of you know I’m in the process of editing the forthcoming book “Grieving Parents: Surviving Loss as a Couple”. As part of the publication etc I have started a Facebook page under my name, as an author.
Please share this with any of your interested friends.

The intent with the book is to educate people on being empathetic with grieving people, not just parents. Given we are ageing, we won’t be able to get around the experience of grief in our lives. If you have already, you know how important a support network of friends and family who understand and accept is.

I envisage the book being available in hospitals, bereavement centres, social work department, OB offices ~ so couples who need will receive it right there. Just as we received Bears of Hope in memory of other babies, I’d like this book to be donated to those places. I’m still working on the logistics of that project. If you have any experience I’d be happy to learn about them (fundraisers, Kickstarter campaigns etc)

There is always HOPE ~  and all of this came through my experience of keeping, losing, searching and finding Hope again and again.

In Memory of Amya Mirica Hope the intended publication date for the book is Sept. 1st 2014, in time for Amya and Ananda Mae’s 3rd birthday. I hope you celebrate with me, with us.

For more info and update on the book please visit www.grievingparents.net

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  1. lidy says:

    very exciting news nathalie – all the best with it. xx

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